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Reading is a vital component to gaining and maintaining health literacy - one of the core virtues of The Childhood Leukemia Foundation. The links below connect you to inspirational stories and educational reading material for the entire family.

A Day with Dr. Waddle
For ages 3-8. A coloring book that uses gentle humor to explain being sick.

Draw Me a Picture
For ages 4-8. A story and activity book for kids with cancer. By Susan Nessim

Good Grief for Kids
For ages 6-12. A journal that helps children cope with their grief during the time of loss in their lives. Kids can color and journal. By: Katherine Dorn Zotovitch

My Memory Book
For ages 7-12. A workbook and journal that helps children explore their feelings about illness. By: Gretchen Gaines-Lane.

The Jester has lost his Jingle
A children's book about optimism. By: David Saltzman

The Moon Balloon
A journey of hope and discovery for children and families. By: J. Drescher

Chemo, Craziness, & Comfort
A book about childhood cancer for kids ages 5-12. By: Nancy Keene & Trevor Romaine

Chemo Girl
Saving the world one treatment at a time, for girls ages 9-12. By: Christina Richmond

The Amazing Hannah
Look at everything I can do for children ages 5-10 (Also available in Spanish) By: Amy and Dave Klett

I'm Still Me
Appropriate for younger children coping with cancer and cancer treatments. By: Dr. Wellbooks

Little Tree
A story for children with serious medical problems. By: Michael Chesworth

My Book for Kids with Cancer
An autobiography of a young boy who got sick and was cured. Tells of his journey through diagnosis, treatment and remission. By: Jason Gaes

My Journey of Hope
A child's guidebook for living with cancer. By: Sarah Jen Kovar

Chemo to the Rescue
The story of a child's journey through surviving cancer. This story takes children from diagnosis, through treatment and ultimately remission. By: Mary Brent and Caitlin Knutsson

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