Carly (shown with CLF Director Barbara Reid-Haramis) wearing a Hugs-U-Wear.Meet Carly.

Carly had cancer and temporarily lost her hair. CLF helped Carly adjust to life while battling cancer by providing her with a Hugs-U-Wear. Carly..."...I have always been proud to be Childhood Leukemia Foundation’s Hugs-U-Wear spokesperson" When being treated for cancer, one of the biggest social challenges children face is the temporary loss of their hair. Trying to blend in is tough enough sometimes and losing hair, even if only briefly, can make an already trying ordeal, that much more taxing. This is why The Childhood Leukemia Foundation created our Hugs-U-Wear program. We provide thousands of custom made, 100% human hair wigs, combined with kid-friendly hats to children around the country.

Carly's life was made significantly less difficult while she fought cancer because of her Hugs-U-Wear.

Said Carly, "I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since my cancer went into remission! Throughout my cancer treatment, I was always stressed out. It was a very tough and scary time in my life. I am still grateful for all of the support that I received from CLF during that awful time.

Today, I am happy to report that I am cancer free and a sophomore in high school! I am very active in my school band’s production of West Side Story. Although tremendously difficult, the experience has made me stronger and more determined to give back in my own life.

For several years, my Girl Scout Troop #404 has volunteered at Childhood Leukemia Foundation assembling the Hope Binders for cancer patients and their families. It means so much to me to help with the binders since it was during my treatment that my mother told Barbara Reid about my binder. Immediately they knew it would help many other children and families just like mine. Today CLF’s Hope Binder program is distributed to more than 160 children’s hospital across the country.

I have always been proud to be Childhood Leukemia Foundation’s Hugs-U-Wear spokes person, but I am now grateful to have my own, recently dyed, blonde hair for the West Side Story production number. Here is a picture of me in action.

Hoping to count on your support all for all the children they help!"

Carly Roncin

Please contact your social worker today to arrange for your child's Hugs-U-Wear.

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