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Childhood Leukemia Foundation is dedicated to making the job of the social workers, and child life specialists less challenging. In the section below, you will find a simple form to place an order for:

Hugs-U-Wear, Wish Basket, Keeping Kids Connected and Hope Binders.

*Family members and loved ones: please contact your social workers or Child Life Specialist to arrange for your Hope Binder, Wish Basket or Hugs-U-Wear today.

Please note that your cost center number (previously used for Wish Baskets only) will be used to order all program services now.

Note: If you have any problems using your cost center identifier, please call us at 732-920-8860, or email during normal business hours.

You cannot order a Wish Basket and Keeping Kids Connected at the same time. Please allow 3 months in between ordering these programs. Please do not submit application until the time of eligibility.

All programs requested are for distribution to the child at first availability. Please do not hold fulfilled items for later dates.

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Thank you so much for all you do at the Childhood Leukemia Foundation because you are truly making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer by helping to make their journey a little easier.

—Michelle O’Boyle
President, Kids Cancer Foundation

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