Hope Binder

After the initial diagnosis of cancer is made, most parents and care-givers are not emotionally prepared to handle the overwhelming amount of information related to their child's care. A Hope Binder is an organizational tool that provides easy, step by step sections to help document a child's treatment. The sections include; treatment protocols, medicines, doctor's appointments, blood counts, physicians' names, hospitals, nutrition concerns, and insurance information. The Hope Binder also contains a separate pouch with mini office supplies to help keep documents organized.

Hope Binder App

The Hope Binder App is an electronic solution to improve the level of health literacy for anyone faced with a chronic or life threatening illness. The Hope Binder App represents an opportunity to interpret and maintain large amounts of medical information on any mobile device. If the patient, or caregiver understands, and is involved in their own treatment, their more compliant and as a result their healthcare can improve dramatically. The Hope Binder App is a "first step" in establishing and maintaining a personal health record (PHR). Empowering and educating families through the use of technology is one of the most constructive services Childhood Leukemia Foundation can provide to assist in the fight against cancer.