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Barbara Reid-Haramis

Barbara Reid-HaramisExecutive Director

In 1992 Barbara Reid-Haramis' life changed forever. One day, while her sister was in medical school, she told Barbara a story about a 5-year-old boy being treated for leukemia. For several days this little boy sat in his hospital bed alone, being visited only by concerned doctors and nurses because his parents needed to work to pay the medical bills. The boy's only wish was to  have a Nintendo Gameboy to help pass the lonely hours. It was in that moment that Barbara realized that although she could not cure the boy's cancer, she could make his treatment more bearable by purchasing the Nintendo Gameboy for him. It was at that moment that The Childhood Leukemia Foundation was born.

As the Executive Director and Founder of CLF, Barbara provides overall leadership and development of short- and long-range planning, goals and policies. Barbara provides the stability and vision for CLF's growth. Barbara also acts as the primary grant writer for the foundation.

More on CLF

From the very beginning, Barbara understood that for CLF to make a difference, it would have be a beacon of trust to the children, the families, supporters and contributors it serves. Barbara humbly recognized that the confidence being placed in her would require constant nurturing in order to evolve. Upholding public trust soon became Barbara's first priority.

On Innovation

Barbara is always uncovering breakthrough approaches in helping improve the day-to-day lives of children battling all types or cancer. CLF's programs reflect Barbara's passion for innovation. Understanding that innovation requires resources to convert great ideas into realities, Barbara works tirelessly to ensure CLF stays focused on innovation and aligns with partners and resources ready to help CLF grow as a national nonprofit organization.

On CLF Today

Today, The Childhood Leukemia Foundation is a national 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that has touched the lives of over 200,000 children nationwide. Barbara has led with a clear and remarkably effective vision and continues to create new ways to generate support for CLF's free programs and services. Barbara believes that creating great success come only from creating great relationships. She continues to build such relationships with passionate and caring people every day. Support for CLF grows greater each day thanks to the long-term planning and combined efforts of our sponsors, grant makers, dedicated staff, our supporters and our Board of Directors.

Barbara’s successful approach is simple, “I believe we must remain steadfast and optimistic to do 'battle' with the devastating effects of this awful disease. We are just ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things for children with cancer.”

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