On behalf of Laura Vargas, I wanted to thank you!! She got her basket yesterday and loved it. She felt sooo special!! Thank you all for everything you do. I plan on sending you Laura's story soon as she also is a cancer survivor. Thanks !!

Hello. My name is Alissa and I wanted to thank you for all the really cool gifts I received especially the $50 gift card! I was diagnosed with ALL last August and just now getting a break from chemo. I'm on maintenance phase now and my hair is starting to grow. Sorry it took this long to thank you, I just haven't been feeling good until recently. Thanks again!


I apologize for the delay, but here is a brief description of how the ipads have been helpful for our patients within hematology/oncology/bmt at Nationwide Children's Hospital. I have maximized the use of the ipads by having our psychosocial team members which includes art therapists, music therapists, child life and therapeutic recreation specialist assist patients in using them while in the inpatient area as well as in the outpatient clinic spaces.  Below are examples of how we are utilizing the ipads at this point.

  • Patients of all ages benefit from the ipad! during painful procedures or blood draws.  They are able to distract themselves by engaging in games and activities on the ipad.
  • It has proven to be quite useful in the BMT rooms due to the ease of cleaning.
  • It has also been a great tool to use for those on contact isolation (can play board games and card games on the ipad rather than the "actual" board games which cannot be brought into the rooms unless we "surrender" them!)
  • The ipad has been a useful tool to engage some of our shy and anxious patients, who otherwise may be reluctant to participate.
  • The kids love all of the music apps! Toddlers love the musical instruments on it and the pre-teen and teen population especially enjoys the karaoke and name that tune games.
  • It also comes in quite handy when the internet is needed for a reference, picture, craft idea, etc
  • It is useful with our hospice population who may otherwise not be able to sit up to play a traditional game.
  • The kids love making stories on the Mad Libs app!
  • The Ipad is both entertaining and educational!

Our music therapist states:

I have used the iPad for relaxation and music, giving the patients control over choosing the background sounds with live music accompanying.  One pt has said more than once, “This is so calming!” and she really seems to enjoy being able to hold the iPad and make choices with it.  I have also found it very helpful in the infusion clinic to look up lyrics/chords to songs that patients request.  This is really helpful especially in the infusion clinic where not everyone has access to an ipad/ipod/tv to look these songs up.

Thank you so much for the donation of these valuable tools!


Tammi Young-Saleme, Ph.D.
Director, Psychosocial Services and Program Development
Division of Hematology/Oncology and BMT
Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Pediatric Psychology and Neuropsychology

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you so much for making these lovely wigs available to our patients and families. The families are so relieved that they can get one free of charge to help them begin their journey through cancer treatment.

Thank you,

Holly E. Senn, CCLS
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Unit !nova Children's Hospital

Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful services the Childhood Leukemia Foundation has provided to our families. Working with fami lies in pediatric oncology presents many challenges to us and we have come to rely on ClF to assist us in meeting some of those challenges.

Our kids spend many hours in the hospital and clinic receiving life saving therapies; the time can seem endless. The iPad 2 program has been a wonderful addition to our kids as the iPads are used for assisting in their continued education, providing a vehicle for them to stay connected to their peers, and not to be forgotten ... providing a fabulous distraction through music, movies and games when appropriate.

The Wish Baskets have also been a wonderful addition to our support services. Our families have many additional expenses with the diagnosis of cancer; many times there is not enough extra financial means to cover those expenses that bring only one thing ... comfort and joy. Each family has met the Wish basket with a genuine smile and "Is this really for me? Wow!"

We cannot thank all of you enough for your dedication, caring and compassion to children and their families journeying through pediatric cancers. We look forward to working with the Childhood leukemia Foundation for many years to come!


Karen Else Cambria, M Ed
Pediatric Advanced Comprehensive Care Team
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Bristol-Myers Squibb Children's Hospital @
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Dear Barbara Haramis,

Children's Hospital Central California Oncology service wishes to thank the Childhood Leukemia Foundation for giving up the two new Apple !Pads and the HP Laptop computer!

With economic times being as difficult as they are, we find ourselves stretched financially. So when an agency like yours recognizes the importance of life enhancers in form of distraction therapy via !Pads/computers, we have to let you know how blessed and fortunate that makes us and the children feel!

One way we thought to share the experience is by perhaps one of the oncology psychologists could be video recorded, utilizing one of the !pads and how she would use it with a patient and separately we could video record a patient using & demonstrating use of the !pad ----using the application and therapeutic activity taught to them by the psychologist.

I think it'll make more sense when we're able to just send it and demonstrate how it can be used to help kids with cancer combat needle phobias, saline flush gag reactions, etc .. If that doesn't work, we can surely work some other way out to share the experience. Once again thank you so very much and we look forwards to sharing how we're using the gifts given, with our population.

Sincerely Yours,

Michelle Pentell, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Dear: Childhood Leukemia Foundation

The Child Life Program at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center would like to extend many heartfelt thanks for your generous donation of two Ipads, and a laptop computer. Our Child Life Staff will use your wonderful donation to bring smiles to our children who are hospitalized Oncology patients. Providing state of the art technology to educate, prepare, communicate and connect. We are so very excited to begin using the Ipads. We will continue to think of you and your generosity throughout the year as we bring positive interventions to patients and families at Kaiser Permanente LAMC.

Again, many thanks and best regards.


Misti Lindquist, CCLS and the Child Life staff
Child Life Specialist
Kaiser Permanente LAMC

Dear Kim,

This letter is long overdue! I wanted to thank you and CLF for all you have done for our kids. Last summer you sent us an IPad for our clinic and one for the pediatric inpatients. These IPads really get a workout!

I wanted to share with you a photo of one of the patients playing with the IPad. Aidan Patel is a 5 1/2 year old boy diagnosed with leukemia 11/2 years ago. He is a very computer savvy boy who has taught me a lot about IPads because his dad has one. His favourite game is Temple Run, and he has come to me a couple of times and asked "Can you get me more purple men please. They are only 99"! How can I refuse a request like that?

When Aidan was first diagnosed he received a basket from CLF. It was actually sent here to our clinic so I got to watch him open his gifts. He was so excited and it really brightened his day! I was really impressed by the nice gifts he received. These kids go through so much, and CLF has really made a difference for them.

I have worked in pediatric oncology for 22 years, and in my opinion the IPad is the best "toy" we have ever had in the clinic. It not only helps pass the time for kids that are here for hours receiving chemotherapy, but it also serves as a great distraction when trying to draw blood on a frightened toddler or even some of the older children. The IPads really get a workout!

Thanks again for all you do for our kids.


Anita Barker

Dear Ms. Haramis,

Many thanks to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation for its recent gift of two iPads to Blythedale Children's Hospital. As Lisa Levinson told you, these will be used by our inpatients and Day Hospital patients, many of whom are admitted with cancer diagnoses. Providing these children with access to interactive technology will help normalize their hospital experience and assist them in school and recreation activities while they are here.

Our patients make extraordinary gains and maximize their potential each day through the guidance and support of our clinical team of physicians, nurses and therapists. We are grateful that you have chosen to be part of this team. Your contribution enables us to make a meaningful difference in the lives and health of the children we serve.

From all of us, especially the young patients who through your generosity are inspired to dream big, thank you for helping to ensure that Blythedale can continue to be a place where j oumeys of hope begin, for many years to come.


Jane MacDonald
Chief Development Officer

Dear Kate:
Just wanted to stay in touch with you regarding the wonderful wish gift baskets that we receive from your Foundation for our Pediatric Cancer Children.

I had three Moms contact me regarding the wish gift baskets per the following:

One Mom called me to tell me that she had been unable to purchase a gift for her son, and that the Wish Basket was a real blessing because she wanted to have a gift for his Birthday. He had been undergoing treatment and the basket was so uplifting for him. It made her cry.

Another Mom told me that her son was so happy that he ran all around Target like it was a candy store and finally settled on a remote car which he absolutely can't stop playing with and then she was finally able to get him to try on a needed sweat shirt which he liked. She too, is very grateful for your help.

The third Mom called to say that her daughter's wish came true for her Birthday with the gift card, as she was able to purchase new clothes for school.

Kate, these are just a few of the Mothers, but I will speak for all of them and say Thank You So Very Much.

Best Regards,

Barbara Kopel
Central Regional Director
Emmanuel Cancer Foundation
1833 Front Street
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

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