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Barbara Haramis

Executive Director

Barbara Haramis, Executive Director

More than 23 years ago, one simple act of kindness would forever change the life of Barbara Haramis. While visiting her sister in medical school, she learned about a five year old boy who was being treated for leukemia. Day after day, he would lay in his hospital bed, alone. His parents had to work during the day to help to pay his medical bills, and his only visitors were doctors, and caring nurses. She also learned that his only wish was to have a Nintendo Gameboy to help pass the lonely hours. It was in that moment, Barbara realized -that although she could not cure the boy's cancer, she could make his treatment more bearable by purchasing it for him, to give him a way to pass the time, and bring him joy. It was in that same moment that Childhood Leukemia Foundation was born.

From the very beginning, Barbara wanted to make a difference to these young children, and began the arduous process of creating a non-profit which could provide ways to help improve the day to day lives of children battling all types of cancer. Today, Childhood Leukemia Foundation is a national 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that has touched the lives of over 200,000 children nationwide. By providing a clear and remarkably effective leadership, her main role has always been to create new ways to foster support, and build long lasting relationships with donors. Barbara believes that creating great success comes only from creating great relationships. Today, she continues to provide stability and vision, and recognises that for Childhood Leukemia Foundation to continue to make an impact on ever increasing number of children that reach out for support, ideas must be converted into reality.

Through the combined efforts of loyal donors, grant makers and dedicated staff, Barbara has been able to ensure that Childhood Leukemia Foundation is focused on innovation for the 21st century.

Barbara's successful approach is simple, "I believe we must remain steadfast and optimistic to do 'battle' with the devastating effects of this awful disease. We are just ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things for children with cancer."

Barb Estelle

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Barb is involved in many aspects of the foundation, from financials and accounting, to marketing and fundraising. Barb has been with Childhood Leukemia Foundation for more than 16 years, and her role has provided leadership, and day to day support to her dedicated and talented team. Her goal has always been to create timelines and budgets which will keep Childhood Leukemia Foundation on point to meet their heartfelt mission.

While her main focus is on all things financial, she also has a deep commitment to the importance of embracing new technology. She encourages her team to invest time and energy into learning new skills and to keep up with the latest trends. "We are always looking to find simple, smart and effective ways to accomplish our work." says Barb.

Barb supported the expansion of the donation process to include smart phones, and mobile devices, and believes it is so important to cultivate new donors who share their vision. "The next generation of donors are extremely social, and just "digitally wired" She is steadfast in her commitment to use social media, and believes it will be critical in expanding a loyal donor base. Barb is delighted that in 2015, Childhood Leukemia Foundation has created a free app, available on ITunes which now offers an electronic version of Childhood Leukemia Foundation's Hope Binder.

Barb is passionate about her commitment to provide help to children with this devastating disease. "I have personally seen that "giving" imparts joy to both the giver, and the receiver…At the end of the day, if we have been able to make a difference to even one child, then it's been a great day."

Kim Wetmore

Director of Development

Kim joined Childhood Leukemia Foundation in 2007, and for more than 8 years, has dedicated herself to creating and maintaining partnerships to further Childhood Leukemia Foundation's mission. She has a clear understanding of the importance of building new relationships, and finding new resources for funding of all of its free programs.

Kim has a deep passion for children with cancer, and a unique understanding of the obstacles that families face as they navigate a cancer diagnosis. Because she recognizes the vital role that social workers and child life specialists play when providing programs and services to young cancer patients, Kim attended the APOSW (Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers) conference in Philadelphia, where she was able to create greater awareness of Childhood Leukemia Foundation's programs.

Now in its 8th year, Kim created Childhood Leukemia Foundation's annual "Auction of Hope" This great event not only provides much needed revenue, but increases the public's awareness of childhood cancer as well. Kim has also engaged groups in the community to volunteer their time to assemble Childhood Leukemia Foundation Wish Baskets, Hope Binders; and other items which are sent to these very deserving children. Most recently, Kim formed a new venture with Kohl's® employees, who volunteer their time to assemble Childhood Leukemia Foundation's wish Baskets each month.

Kim has visited several different hospitals and has met many courageous children and their families over the years, and it continues to give her a sense of joy, and fulfillment. – She believes "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!"

Kate Booth

Director of Program Services

As Program Services Director, Kate is the first contact and the "first face" of Childhood Leukemia Foundation when someone reaches out for support. Her patience and kindness is recognized immediately. Kate's primary job is to keep Childhood Leukemia Foundation connected with over 220 hospitals nationwide. But what she really does is put smiles on kids' faces! Through the ever growing network of social workers and child life specialists, Kate manages an effective and quick process by which they are able to take full advantage of Childhood Leukemia Foundation's free programs.

Kate has a knack for creating personal connections which are not easily forgotten. Her unwavering passion for the children is obvious to callers too, as there is a sense of her smiling on the other end of your call. For several years, Kate has been responsible for publishing a monthly newsletter in which she highlights stories which just warm the heart, and delivers a message of hope. Kate shares the personal battles of the children Childhood Leukemia Foundation has helped, and the triumphant struggles these "little heroes" have faced.

Kate is also known as Childhood Leukemia Foundation's resident "Facebook Expert" She recognizes the importance of social media and engages supporters in the online community on a daily basis, thru Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. In Kate's words, "I am humbled every day when speaking with families who are going through this daily battle with cancer. It really brings me such joy knowing that we have made their lives, just a bit easier."

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The Valerie Fund Children’s Center
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